Sebastiaan’s been a producer, illustrator, animator – heck! – even a designer for well over a decade or two, despite his young looks.


He’s from the Netherlands – Groningen, to be precise – speaks Dutch, English, some German and a little bit of French. You’ll find him online almost all day, every day. Feel free to get in touch through any of these social media:


I only do custom map work for business and other organizations, not for individuals. So if you’re a registered business: Let’s talk shop.

I don’t know – help stoke the fire of motivation by giving me a friendly nudge either through social media. Your enthusiasm will help mine and the more people seem eager, the quicker I will want to finish a project. Thank you!

That sounds like fun! As long as your channel is somehow relatable to what I do (maps, atlases, geography or our broader world – travel, for instance) and educational in nature. In that case, perhaps there’s a way we can work together.

I don’t care much if your channel is smaller or bigger in subscriber count, I do care about the quality of your work. In any case, get in touch and don’t forget to send me a link to your YouTube channel for reference.

Please see the (Customer) Service page on Studio Legenda.

Ah! You must know of my (Dutch) portfolio and the years of experience I have working with various clients, creating explanimations, videos, logos, illustrations and more. Good on you! Can I make something for you? Very perhaps: My goal is to make YouTube and my self-made maps my living, so it has to be interesting. Also: I only work for businesses and organizations, not individuals. Take a look at my portfolio to see if my style suits you, I don’t work in someone else’s style. Otherwise; get in touch.